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Is it Possible to Makey Money with Vending Machines?

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Published: Thursday, March 6, 2014

 Vending machines are everywhere - in stores, office lobbies, schools, public buildings, recreation centers, restaurants, and company break rooms. And all those quarters and one-dollar bills can add up to some good money for their owners.  In fact, in 2010 Vending Times Magazine stated, "Last year, over $42 billion was spent in vending machines in this country."  That's a LOT of quarters!!


Though some entrepreneurs earn healthy six-figure incomes from the vending machine business, most owners fail to reach those lofty figures. Like any venture, to get the most out of a vending business, you need to have a business plan before beginning. Here are a few tips to help you make the most money as safely and quickly as possible:


  • Determine your budget.  Though you may have to finance the purchase of equipment, it is not advisable to extend yourself financially beyond your means. You want to earn a profit in the business, not spend it all paying back the loan.


  • Decide on the type of machine or machines you want to own.  This is usually a factor of your budget, your preferences (you may live a healthy lifestyle and prefer healthy vending), and your determination of what may sell best in your area.  Machine such as "combos" that vend both snacks and drinks are proving to be very popular right now.


  • Determine if any licenses or permits are needed to sell using vending equipment where you plan to locate your machines. Also, some states require that sales tax be paid on products sold through vending machines.  Be sure to check the local laws in your area before you begin.


  • Find a good product supplier for your equipment. This may be part of the package when you pay the vending machine or you may have to purchase the goods on your own. You may want to check the prices in the "big box" stores such as Costco and Sam's Club.  So know how your machines will be stocked before you buy.


  • Location, location, location!  That is not only the mantra of the real estate business, it also counts in the vending machinebusiness.  Do you have the desire and the time to cold call on businesses and locations to place your machines?  If not, look into hiring the services of a reputable vending machine locating service. 


  • Determine if you want to do all the work yourself, or pay someone to do it for you. For a reasonable fee, a vending machine locator will place your equipment in profitable locations. Vending machine placement companies are a great solution for entrepreneurs who don't feel comfortable cold-calling locations to place their machines or for those who just don't have the time.


  • Do you have the time to restock and repair your vending machines?  The equipment may make you money while you sleep, but you will be doing plenty of work while you are awake.



The vending business offers the opportunity for independent individuals to own their own business, work their own hours, and make a decent side income or living.  Can you make money while you sleep?  Without a doubt.  Will you make money without working?  Probably not, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great industry in which to make some good money!


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Locating Vending Machines Using Direct Salespeople!

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Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Whether you are just getting into the vending business or have run vending routes for many years you will very soon realize how critical high volume vending locations are to the ultimate success or failure of your business. So what's the best way to place your equipment?

Is it by dedicated phone workers or the tried and true methods of the good old fashioned door to door salesman? Well there are compelling arguments on both sides and the truth is a combination of the two is really the answer. However the benefits of using a direct in person locator are hard to ignore.

1. The direct vending locator has the advantage of being able to place many vending machines in close proximity. This is very important over the life of servicing your route.

Experience shows that properly serviced vending locations usually last for many years therefore it is important that your machines be placed in a limited area for ease of servicing, savings on gasoline, and the hassles of driving to your machines in traffic etc.

2. In a large percentage of sales calls the person in authority is unavailable so in this case an in person vending machine locator can be sure to leave sales materials, pictures of machines, product menus and this can be very helpful in moving the sales process along.

3. Certainly not the least benefit of using an in person direct vending machine locator is the intangible power of face to face encounters in persuading a prospect to say "yes" to something they could easily deny to someone on the telephone.This will certainly result in more vending locations secured in a shorter period of time than by any other method.

Certainly there are drawbacks to this method as well such as most locating of the higher quality and more difficult to secure companies requires multiple contacts on a business and rarely will give the "yes" answer regardless of the way in which they are derived. A door to door salesperson rarely will be able to go back several times unless they happen to live near the city in which the machines are being located. This is where the combination of  phone work can make all the difference.

In conclusion it's hard to deny the ability of a good professional direct sales person to get a high volume of vending locations in a confined area in a fast and efficient manner.

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Combination Vending Machines Can Make Your Profits Soar!

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Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are you a vending equipment operator who is looking to increase his profits?  Well then, consider adding combination vending machines to your available lineup of offerings.  Combination vending machines, or "combos" as they are more commonly called, can increase your profits by being able to offer your customers a variety of both drinks and snacks all in a single unit.  In addition, they also use less electricity, so locating a combination vending machine is that much easier.

You see, combination vending machines are machines that offers both drinks as well as snacks and candy, all in a single compact unit.  Typically, snacks and drinks are sold in separate vending machines.  Using two machines increases not only electricity costs, but lost profits too, as the extra space could be used for another vending machine to sell other products of interest to your location.  Also, many locations do not have room for a full-size soda and snack machine set, but they would have room for the much smaller combo unit that you can offer them!

Now there's another important way that modern, high-tech combo vending machines can increase your profit margins.  That's because newer models accept credit cards, opening your business to a whole new pool of customers who don't like to use cash and those who just don't have cash on them at that certain time.

In addition, advanced combo machines come equipped with software that let vending machine owners and operators remotely monitor the machine for stocking and service needs. This tells you which items are selling and which are not, which items need to be restocked and when your machine is down for maintenance, allowing you to visit your machine only when it needs to be visited.

There is one caveat however if you have a combination vending machine: the machines usually cannot be placed outside, as the snacks will go bad when exposed to the sun.  For this reason, it's best to keep it indoors.

So all things considered, if you are just thinking about getting into the vending business or even if you are a well-seasoned professional, by all means think about purchasing and getting locations for combo vending machines.  They are less expensive than buying a full-size snack and soda set.  They can go in a lot more vending locations.  And many offer the hi-tech features that today's modern vending machine operators needs to compete in this lucrative, but very competitive business.

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We Have Located All Types Of Vending Machines For 20 Years.Thousands Of Machines Successfully Located For Hundreds Of Vendors.Lifetime Warranty With All Locations.Dozens Of References Available.
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4 Steps to the Best Vending Locations

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Published: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

          There's a lot of confusion and outright misinformation among vendor machine operators as to exactly what makes for a good vending location.  Some vendors are adamant that only locations with a hundred or more employees are profitable.  Others try to get their vending machines into hospitals, schools, airports and the like, thinking that this is the best way to vending riches.  Well neither of those assumptions are true and let me explain why.

     First of all, there are four important factors that go into finding a great location for your vending equipment: Employees, foot traffic, hours of operation and competition.  Now many novice vendors make the mistake of just considering the number of employees when deciding on where to locate their vending machines, but many times that is a BIG mistake.  Let's examine why.

     Are there several other vending machines already there?  Most large locations already have them.  If so, they will be in direct competition with you.  If it's a very large location, they may have a cafeteria on site or have lunch wagons that stop regularly throughout the day.  So that location with 200 employees that you thought was going to be a gold mine can turn out to be a real dud!

     Now let's look at this point a bit differently.  A vending location may have less than 10 employees, but if your machine is going to be in a waiting area like in a tire shop or oil change place where people have to sit for a long time with change in their pockets and little to do, that could be a real moneymaker!
     Now what about the point of hours of operation.  There again, the whole picture needs to be examined.  Which would you prefer, the location with 50 employees that only open from 9 to 5, or the one with three shifts of 30 employees each?  Well if you said the latter, you'd probably be right!  The vending machines in a business running three shifts will do much better than the one only open 8 hours a day, even if that business has more employees per shift.

     Next, we'll take a look at another very important factor: competition.  Now here, I'm not talking about the competition from other vending machines.  That's obvious.  But what many vendors fail to take into consideration is the competition from outside the establishment.  Allow me to illustrate.  Think about two different vending locations.  One has 75 employees and is situation on a busy boulevard with a 7-Eleven, a McDonald's and Mini Mart gas station all within easy walking distance.  The other is a business with only 30 employees that's tucked away in an industrial park with no other place to purchase food within a mile.  Where would you put your vending machines?  Well any thinking vendor would say he'd much rather place his machine in the location with 30 employees and he'd be right virtually every time!

     So in conclusion, don't make the mistake that many new vendors make and just "count heads" when they evaluate a location.  Learn to open your eyes and look at the "big picture" and you'll find many a good location where you previously didn't.  The end result will be your vending machine business and your wallet will be much better off for it! Has Located All Types Of Vending Machines For Over 20 Years.Thousands Of Machines Successfully Located For Hundreds Of Vendors.Lifetime Warranty With All Locations.Dozens Of References Available. Call 1-877-407-3660

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Locating Your Vending by Telemarketing-Pros and Cons

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Published: Monday, February 3, 2014

At Quality Vending Locations we receive dozens of calls daily requesting vending locations. Invariably the question will come up " Do you use phone locators
or direct sales people to find vending locations?

The short answer is we use both methods because they both have significant strengths and like most things each have their drawbacks as well.

The subtext to that question is "I would prefer a direct locator to find my vending locations
because I think they will do a better job and I feel more comfortable with it."

Although we can understand that. The truth has been proven again and again after locating thousands of vending machines of all types that in many cases not all of course but higher quality locations are found by telephone methods. 

This may go against what many vendors would consider to be their intincts but it is absolutely true.
Some of the reasons for this are:

1. Most locations are secured only after multiple contacts to a company. The telephone clearly has a huge advantage in this.

2.The telephone can easily target certain types of vending locations such as every car dealership in a
given city. Whereas a person driving around or on foot can no way do this efficiently.

3. Many vendors we work with desire to go after specific locations directly and have a "wish list" of potential locations in mind they would like us to approach. This again obviously is much better served and more effectively accomplished by phone vending locators.

4. And lastly, we can employ our telephone marketers on immediate notice so to better serve your locating needs. Whereas most times direct locators

We will address the advantages of door to door (direct) locators in a subsequent article which is again why Quality Vending Locations utilizes both methods. Hopefully though you can begin to see why the one two punch of using the efficiency of the telephone with the personal power of direct in person locating together can help to better and more productively place your vending machines need to be scheduled as they are generally traveling to you which often can take at least a week or two depending on how heavy a work locad they currently in an timely manner.

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