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Locating Your Vending by Telemarketing-Pros and Cons

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Published: Monday, February 3, 2014

At Quality Vending Locations we receive dozens of calls daily requesting vending locations. Invariably the question will come up " Do you use phone locators
or direct sales people to find vending locations?

The short answer is we use both methods because they both have significant strengths and like most things each have their drawbacks as well.

The subtext to that question is "I would prefer a direct locator to find my vending locations
because I think they will do a better job and I feel more comfortable with it."

Although we can understand that. The truth has been proven again and again after locating thousands of vending machines of all types that in many cases not all of course but higher quality locations are found by telephone methods. 

This may go against what many vendors would consider to be their intincts but it is absolutely true.
Some of the reasons for this are:

1. Most locations are secured only after multiple contacts to a company. The telephone clearly has a huge advantage in this.

2.The telephone can easily target certain types of vending locations such as every car dealership in a
given city. Whereas a person driving around or on foot can no way do this efficiently.

3. Many vendors we work with desire to go after specific locations directly and have a "wish list" of potential locations in mind they would like us to approach. This again obviously is much better served and more effectively accomplished by phone vending locators.

4. And lastly, we can employ our telephone marketers on immediate notice so to better serve your locating needs. Whereas most times direct locators

We will address the advantages of door to door (direct) locators in a subsequent article which is again why Quality Vending Locations utilizes both methods. Hopefully though you can begin to see why the one two punch of using the efficiency of the telephone with the personal power of direct in person locating together can help to better and more productively place your vending machines need to be scheduled as they are generally traveling to you which often can take at least a week or two depending on how heavy a work locad they currently in an timely manner.

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