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4 Steps to the Best Vending Locations

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Published: Wednesday, February 5, 2014

          There's a lot of confusion and outright misinformation among vendor machine operators as to exactly what makes for a good vending location.  Some vendors are adamant that only locations with a hundred or more employees are profitable.  Others try to get their vending machines into hospitals, schools, airports and the like, thinking that this is the best way to vending riches.  Well neither of those assumptions are true and let me explain why.

     First of all, there are four important factors that go into finding a great location for your vending equipment: Employees, foot traffic, hours of operation and competition.  Now many novice vendors make the mistake of just considering the number of employees when deciding on where to locate their vending machines, but many times that is a BIG mistake.  Let's examine why.

     Are there several other vending machines already there?  Most large locations already have them.  If so, they will be in direct competition with you.  If it's a very large location, they may have a cafeteria on site or have lunch wagons that stop regularly throughout the day.  So that location with 200 employees that you thought was going to be a gold mine can turn out to be a real dud!

     Now let's look at this point a bit differently.  A vending location may have less than 10 employees, but if your machine is going to be in a waiting area like in a tire shop or oil change place where people have to sit for a long time with change in their pockets and little to do, that could be a real moneymaker!
     Now what about the point of hours of operation.  There again, the whole picture needs to be examined.  Which would you prefer, the location with 50 employees that only open from 9 to 5, or the one with three shifts of 30 employees each?  Well if you said the latter, you'd probably be right!  The vending machines in a business running three shifts will do much better than the one only open 8 hours a day, even if that business has more employees per shift.

     Next, we'll take a look at another very important factor: competition.  Now here, I'm not talking about the competition from other vending machines.  That's obvious.  But what many vendors fail to take into consideration is the competition from outside the establishment.  Allow me to illustrate.  Think about two different vending locations.  One has 75 employees and is situation on a busy boulevard with a 7-Eleven, a McDonald's and Mini Mart gas station all within easy walking distance.  The other is a business with only 30 employees that's tucked away in an industrial park with no other place to purchase food within a mile.  Where would you put your vending machines?  Well any thinking vendor would say he'd much rather place his machine in the location with 30 employees and he'd be right virtually every time!

     So in conclusion, don't make the mistake that many new vendors make and just "count heads" when they evaluate a location.  Learn to open your eyes and look at the "big picture" and you'll find many a good location where you previously didn't.  The end result will be your vending machine business and your wallet will be much better off for it! Has Located All Types Of Vending Machines For Over 20 Years.Thousands Of Machines Successfully Located For Hundreds Of Vendors.Lifetime Warranty With All Locations.Dozens Of References Available. Call 1-877-407-3660

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