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Combination Vending Machines Can Make Your Profits Soar!

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Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Are you a vending equipment operator who is looking to increase his profits?  Well then, consider adding combination vending machines to your available lineup of offerings.  Combination vending machines, or "combos" as they are more commonly called, can increase your profits by being able to offer your customers a variety of both drinks and snacks all in a single unit.  In addition, they also use less electricity, so locating a combination vending machine is that much easier.

You see, combination vending machines are machines that offers both drinks as well as snacks and candy, all in a single compact unit.  Typically, snacks and drinks are sold in separate vending machines.  Using two machines increases not only electricity costs, but lost profits too, as the extra space could be used for another vending machine to sell other products of interest to your location.  Also, many locations do not have room for a full-size soda and snack machine set, but they would have room for the much smaller combo unit that you can offer them!

Now there's another important way that modern, high-tech combo vending machines can increase your profit margins.  That's because newer models accept credit cards, opening your business to a whole new pool of customers who don't like to use cash and those who just don't have cash on them at that certain time.

In addition, advanced combo machines come equipped with software that let vending machine owners and operators remotely monitor the machine for stocking and service needs. This tells you which items are selling and which are not, which items need to be restocked and when your machine is down for maintenance, allowing you to visit your machine only when it needs to be visited.

There is one caveat however if you have a combination vending machine: the machines usually cannot be placed outside, as the snacks will go bad when exposed to the sun.  For this reason, it's best to keep it indoors.

So all things considered, if you are just thinking about getting into the vending business or even if you are a well-seasoned professional, by all means think about purchasing and getting locations for combo vending machines.  They are less expensive than buying a full-size snack and soda set.  They can go in a lot more vending locations.  And many offer the hi-tech features that today's modern vending machine operators needs to compete in this lucrative, but very competitive business.

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