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Locating Vending Machines Using Direct Salespeople!

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Published: Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Whether you are just getting into the vending business or have run vending routes for many years you will very soon realize how critical high volume vending locations are to the ultimate success or failure of your business. So what's the best way to place your equipment?

Is it by dedicated phone workers or the tried and true methods of the good old fashioned door to door salesman? Well there are compelling arguments on both sides and the truth is a combination of the two is really the answer. However the benefits of using a direct in person locator are hard to ignore.

1. The direct vending locator has the advantage of being able to place many vending machines in close proximity. This is very important over the life of servicing your route.

Experience shows that properly serviced vending locations usually last for many years therefore it is important that your machines be placed in a limited area for ease of servicing, savings on gasoline, and the hassles of driving to your machines in traffic etc.

2. In a large percentage of sales calls the person in authority is unavailable so in this case an in person vending machine locator can be sure to leave sales materials, pictures of machines, product menus and this can be very helpful in moving the sales process along.

3. Certainly not the least benefit of using an in person direct vending machine locator is the intangible power of face to face encounters in persuading a prospect to say "yes" to something they could easily deny to someone on the telephone.This will certainly result in more vending locations secured in a shorter period of time than by any other method.

Certainly there are drawbacks to this method as well such as most locating of the higher quality and more difficult to secure companies requires multiple contacts on a business and rarely will give the "yes" answer regardless of the way in which they are derived. A door to door salesperson rarely will be able to go back several times unless they happen to live near the city in which the machines are being located. This is where the combination of  phone work can make all the difference.

In conclusion it's hard to deny the ability of a good professional direct sales person to get a high volume of vending locations in a confined area in a fast and efficient manner.

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