The Value of a Good Vending Location!

Cost Versus Value...

At Quality Vending Locations, we often hear from vendors who appear only interested in the cost of a good location.

These are usually new vendors with little or no experience so that is understandable.

While certainly this is a valid question it is just as important to understand what can possibly be the true value of a good location over time!

Of course no one can predict the answer fully nor should they as all business involves risk, However we can state from experience that once your machine is placed it can be potentially be very high over time indeed.

We personally have vending locations that are over 19 years old. We have heard from vendors that have locations over 30 years old!!

Can you guess how many times that vendor has gone back to that location to collect?
It is likely in the hundreds of times. Just imagine the value of that...

So you see the true value of a good location is not just how much you earn there each week or month but the possibility of many years of returns provided that vending location is happy and satisfied with the service you are giving them of course...

When seen in that perspective we honestly feel our locating fees can be almost insignificant in comparison. We locate all types of vending machines and have many plans and payment options for your convenience.

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First time customers can get a $100 per machine discount-Ask for details!!

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