Merrill Hamoy


Thanks Pete For Another Great Job !!! I Appreciate The Way You Do Business. You Got The Job Done Without Any Horsing Around. Would Highly reccomend Your Company Any Time.

Tod Sparks
TodMSparks@ Yahoo.com Joshua's Candy Shop


Pete and his staff are terrific! I have worked with other "so called" locators and been ripped off. We teamed with Quality Vending Locatons and have had nothing but success. If you want a professional team, with no hidden fees, drama or time wasting,then Quality Vending Locations should be your preferred locator hands down! We had to learn the hard way, but had we known of Quality Vending Locations at beginning, we would have saved a lot of money and time. Quality Vending Locations is the exclusive locator service for DELRONE VENDING.

L. Guidry VP
Sales & Service


Thank you very much for being so helpful in finding locations for our vending machines. We have been very happy with the service you have provided and in the future we will definitely continue working with you and will refer all of our friends to you for the same purpose. Sincerely, Jackie Terino

Jackie Terino
Soda/Snack Machine Vendor

I am new to vending; just starting out with 5 machines, yet the service and expertise that I received from Pete was phenomenal!!! Even though mine was a small job, he was very enthusiastic about helping me grow my business. While we were out locating, he gave me all kinds of tips and answered any questions I had. I thought we'd be out all day, but he was able to locate in 5 out of the 6 places we stopped at! I would highly recommend Pete!!!!!

Suzin Lintner
Long Beach, Ca


"Great service, Excellent communication, Honest opinion and To the point. I am very impressed with his style of work. I will use him again for my next locating job. Peter is not only a great locator but I have found him to be a great Mentor, anybody would do a locating job for you but rarely do you find some one who would be willing to teach you the inside tricks of this business." 

Naushad Hirani
Synopsis Vending Inc.


Hello Mr. Milazzo: Thank you so very much for all that you have done. Dawn is GREAT!!!! She really knows her stuff, and I would love to use her services to locate future machines, as I am sure that I will have many. Thank you so very much. Please send the PayPal form so that I can send the remaining $85.20. I will look for it soon. Again, thank you and God Bless..

Follow up testimonial from Andre Roche

Hello Peter. I hope that all is well. The payment you received from me was the balance due on my original deposit. Dawn placed all of my machines. She was very, very helpful. Thank you so very much. You run a much needed service, and the service was excellent. I have already recommended your service to potential vendors. I hope to work with you again really soon. Thank you and God bless. Mr. Roche'

Andre Roche
Bulk Candy Vendor


I want to express to you how much we appreciate your efforts! I know we have made the right decision with Quality Vending, it is obvious you understand this business and take pride in your customer service. At the risk of being premature because we have not actually placed any machines yet, I am truly overwhelmed by your support. I know its a matter of time before we begin placing machines, I am very excited what has transpired in only a matter of a couple weeks. You are truly a company who understands if you help enough other people reach their dreams and goals, you cannot help but make your own dreams come true. It has been my experience not enough people in business, especially in this business, understand this simple premise.

Humbly Yours,
Rich Cook
SunRise Vending

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