Q. Why are payments required to initiate locating jobs?

At Quality Vending Locations we are very often contacted by vendors and/or people wishing to get into vending and build up a vending business. We then discuss a plan of action on how our locators can be dedicated to search for these vendors to find the available and suitable locations for the equipment they have or are intending on purchasing.

After a full discussion of as to how these vendors goals may be reached utilizing our services naturally the subject of fees to perform this service comes up.

It then becomes apparent that some of these vendors mistakenly were expecting Quality Vending Locations to perform this service without a payment in advance.

They for some reason were expecting that these services be performed in the hopes of achieving their goals without them having to accept any risk or committment on their part.

This will then sometimes becomes a point of contention in moving forward with the goals the vendors have stated they are trying to accomplish.

Although this might be an understandable point of view. This can only be due to lack of understanding as to what is really required to find and secure quality vending locations and the true potential long term value of these locations should they be obtained.

A search for vending locations can often require dozens of man-hours involving hundreds of contacts on businesses often largely without reward.

Several locators can be employed on behalf of this vendor for the purpose of hopefully helping this person build a profitable business that can often deliver income for many years to come.

Is it even remotely fair that this effort be provided without a payment for the work that is being done regardless of outcome? We hope you agree that it is not.

All business endeavors involve risk to varying degrees. It is our position and policy that these vendors must accept the risk they willingly took on when they bought their equipment. That this is a piece of equipment only. And the true value of that equipment can only be realized with quality locations to place these machines at.

Over the last 20 years we have helped hundreds upon hundreds of vendor find suitable locations for their equipment at a fair price and arrangement and would like to help you as well. Call 888-307-1870 to discuss your vending goals.

Q. Upon initiating a locating job and work has been performed can a vendor just decide in the future  they no longer wish to search for locations and simply have a refund?

Again, for many of the reasons explained above and several others this question should be self evident. The answer is "No".

Many people wish to "try" vending but they would prefer to have a good location secured and waiting before they take the step to invest in their machines. They in essence wish to remove most if not all risks of getting into a business. These "vendors" may then decide in a few weeks or a month that they no longer wish to get into vending. Should they then be just given a refund after all this effort has been made on their behalf?

We often think of a quality vending location as a little gold mine that can have high long term potential. If a person desires to search for riches as in "gold in the hills" or treasure in the deep sea. Would this same person expect a company to bring the equipment (eg.mining equipment, boat, divers etc.) and search perhaps for weeks and then say "Well, we didn't find treasure or only found a little treasure. I'd just like to take my money back and go home."

We hope you agree how absurd this sounds.

For more than two decades we have in fact found several thousand locations on behalf of vendors helping them to achieve their business goals and would certainly like to help you achieve yours as
well. As long as you understand what is required to do so.

Call 1-877-407-3660 to set up your locating job today!


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