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At Quality Vending Locations we are constantly seeking to add new member to our vending locations team to better serve your locating needs. We do that through an endless non-stop effort of hiring, filtering and training new locators for the United States and Canada. We thought you might like to meet just a few of our ever expanding crew of hard working, talented vending locators who are standing by to help you to locate your vending equipment.

There are many more to serve you however space permits only just a few of our dedicated team!

Chris M

I have been an experienced vending locator for many years.  I especially enjoy locating equipment for bulk candy vendors.  As a side benefit, it is gratifying to know that over the years I have also helped to raise lots of money for the worthy charities that many of our bulk candy vendors donate to.

David J.

David runs a crew out of the Southeast United States covering that area for Quality Vending Locations.He has found hundreds if not thousands of locations for all types of equipment over many years. In many cases his crew will come directly to you, bring a truck to deliver and install the machines for you. Of course upon your acceptance and approval of the locations. When David and/or his crew leaves you are often up and running and in business.

Eddie S.

Direct locating is my forte. I can come into your town and often within a very short period of time have found you the quality locations you are looking for. I will be sure to take you to all locations before you approve and accept them.  By the way, I also have dabbled in the acting arena and recently had a small part in movie. That was very exciting for me!

Johnny S.

I have been locating vending machines for several years now throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. I prefer to work with our full-size vendors, specializing in finding quality locations for snack, soda and combo machines. I also know that Healthy Vending is the future of vending and have made locating quality locations for our healthy vendors a priority!

Lucretia A.

I locate a wide variety of vending equipment, from small bulk candy machines up to full-size snack and soda equipment.  I enjoy the challenge of getting through to the "decision maker" and securing a "Yes" from the right person.  If you are looking for someone to give you the attention you deserve, ask for me!

Lynn H.

I am a highly organized bulk candy locator who takes meticulous care in identifying only qualified prospective locations for my vendors. I know how valuable your time is and make every effort to ensure that every location I find for you is a winner!  In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my grandkids here in beautiful South Florida

Michelle R.

I have been mainly self-employed my entire carrer.  As a locator, I come from a diverse background. I spent 13 years as an art consultant working with companies in the development of art collections for their corporate headquarters buildings and also have three years experience in the credit card processing industry. 
I am passionate about fine art, couture, modern design, spirituality and helping others.  Locating enables me to have the time to pursue my fine art as well as help corporations and small businesses obtain what they want.

Mitch D.

Hard working.  Very organized.  Always looking for the best locations with lots of traffic.  My clients are ALWAYS happy with my services! Mitch has worked with us for years and is very dedicated. Although he has gotten just about every type of vending location he has specialized in placing soda snack machines in large apartment complexes which can last the vendor for decades and have 24 hour seven days per week access.

Ron A.

I and my team have been securing locations throughout the United States since 1977. It is our intention to get the right account to fit the right machine.From ATMs to water machines we have done it all to the satisfaction of our clients. We also place items on consignment, from watches to sunglasses. We look forword to discuss any of your location needs.


Susan S.

I have been with Prime vending Locations for more than two years now.  Working here in the office gives me the opportunity to assist both vendors and locators alike.  This allows me to see the vending industry from both sides of the aisle and gives me the ability to give our vendors the quality customer service they deserve.

Jim W.

The first 10 years of my vocational carrier was spent in a family owned commercial truck dealership. The next ten was running my own automobile and equipment leasing company. The last 30 years was spent in corporate sales in leasing and automotive related fields. When I retired, I decided I needed to do something to keep me busy. Since I like sales, I looked for something in that field. I like placing vending machines because I enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction of finding locations for our vendors

Jose H.

 I work hard to get you the best quality locations, I also strive to meet your   expectations so you get your prime vending location. Also if your new at this we will help guide you into this wonderful industry, where you decide how much you make, were dedicated to helping you find your choice in  locations.

Rafael P.

I believe in your vision in vending locations, your goal in vending is to make that extra money you need and i make it my mission to help you accomplish those goals , looking for the most modern locations for you.

Derek H.

Derek is one of our go to Canadian locators who has placed hundreds of
various vending machines from Halifax to Vancouver. Always a cheerful upbeat attitude as you can see. When he is not locating he helps his father on their family farm in Saskatoon.

Mike L.

 Mike L. and his wife Lorie are a husband and wife team of locators who work together to get you quality locations for your vending machines. He has he worked with our company now for several years.

 Again this is just a cross section of some of our locators many of whom come directly to you for larger jobs, some work very effectively by telephone allowing us to serve you even if you only have one vending machine to place in a remote area.

At Quality Vending Locations we stand ready to serve your vending machine placements needs regardless of whether you have traditional Soda and/or Snack Machines, Combos, Healthy Vending Machines, ATM's, Breathalyzers, E-Vap Cigarette Machines, Bulk Racks, Candy or Gumball Machines, Etc. Across the United States and Canada we can help you build your vending business.

Call 1-877-407-3660 today so we can serve you.

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